XBox Next Door

Some people have the pleasure of working in some pretty cool areas of the world.  Some with an office that over looks the beach or maybe a great downtown location with an unreal view.

Me, I am located next to the Microsoft XBOX offices.  Now for some, this would seem dumb or maybe not even know it was there.  For me its like Mecca.

Every morning I look into the dim offices and see the toys of the future.  Every now and then I go touch the building just to feel the power.  Its odd that I feel this way but I do.  I also know that Nintendo is right down the street if that makes other fan boys feel better.

Speaking of XBox I am currently working on DOA4 and Amped 3.  Now that I know there are other button choices for DOA with the triggers I am getting better.  I had some issues at first but I am getting better.  I really like the survival mode.  Amped is pretty fun to play just to break things up.  I have yet to get any achivements for it and I really haven’t spent time figuring out what I need to do to get them.

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