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It seems that in my lack of posting the last month and a half I forgot to mention that I DID get a 360.  After this post I started to get a little worried and came up with a plan.

It all started out after I started talking to the guys down at my local Gamestop.  They began the process of figuring out who would get a 360 and who would not.  I found out that even though I have put my money down I was on the would not get one on launch.  I had already taken the week off for thanksgiving so time was not an issue for me to come up with a plan.

I began the planning process of figuring out how to get my hands on the thing.  I knew that Best Buy was going to have some.  In fact I knew how many each store was getting here in Western Washington.  I also found out that Circuit City, Walmart, Target and Fred Meyer was also on the list but I didn’t have numbers.

My plan was to map a route to all stores and find the fastest way to each store if needed. I figured I would start with BB and move out from there.  I also got all the stuff I would need for a night of camping if I needed it.

So the Big Day came Nov. 21st.  I woke up and got on the net to see if I could find any campers and where they were gonna be so I could either beat them or avoid them.  11am rolled around and I headed out to Bellevue to have some lunch with Todd.  On the way I swung by the BB in South Center and found that there was not a soul in line.  “Sweet” I say to myself and figure I can head out to check out the BB (Midnight Launch) in Bellevue.  Have me some Teriyaki and head over there.  Damn if there were not already some 400 people in line aready.  They were wrapped around the Home Depot the line was so big.

I blew that place off and head back to South Center.  I get back around 2 and there was 2 people standing outside.  This was not so good but hey I had a few minutes.  I head over to Starbucks and get me one of the big ass containers of coffee, the one that you get a meetings for like 15 people.  It worked for me though.  I grabbed my chair, PSP and some other stuff and headed to my spot. 

I get over there and I see there are already 2 people chatting with the manager outside so I just go up and plop my stuff down and start talking too.  It seems that the 2 were forming the line.  The nice thing was they were only getting 1 360.  This placed me 2 in line!  Now its 230pm or so…..

Thats when the games began!  Shortly after 245pm the line started getting bigger.  and by 7pm there was about 30 people ready for the long wait until 9am.  Amy stopped by and called me a loon.  And then she had things to do.  She said she would stop by later and check things out.

So here I am a 32 year old guy sitting in line with a bunch of 19-24 year old guys and girls waiting for the white box.  It was cool.  The guys and girls that got behind me had a crew.  About 10 people to get 5 boxes.  We pitched in and got some beer and stuff to keep warm.  Things were getting fun.  All kinds of people walking in and out asking what we were doing and then laughing at us.  I was cool with that.  I knew I was getting one.  I had no doubt what I was going to have in 15 hours.  I also thought to myself when they laughed that in a month when their kids were screaming cause they didn’t get one I would have the last laugh!

About 830pm or so the GM of the store came out and let us know what was going to happen the next morning.  They told us that we were going to have to buy a bundle that included a CORE or PREM system, games and the like.  This all started the talk of what people were going to get!  12 hours to go and everyone is now so jacked up about getting a machine you would think it 10 seconds before the money shot in a porn! 

There were DS’s, PSP’s GBA’s and all kinds of books there.  I think at the back of the line there was a D&D game going on.  It was starting to get cold.  Microsoft stopped by twice with goodies and redbull stopped by to drop off some redbull pleasure.  The redbull was escorted by 2 hawt chicks in skin tight pants.

Thinks stayed pretty mellow for the most part.  Some music pumping out of cars and stuff.  It was a good time until around 430am when people started coming down to get in line.  There were already the allotted 47 people standing and waiting all night.  So people started to get pissed off when they heard the truth about the number to be sold.  One guy started screaming and yelling about it around 6 am pretty hard core.

He was shut up and the time had come.  The folks at BB came out and gave us the list of what we could choose from.  We got it filled out and then came the moment.  They let the first 10 in to the store and off I go.  Get my box, games and a COD2 T-Shirt!  It rocked.

I love my 360 and no as I write this a little late I can tell you I have not had to send my box in to get fixed.

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