XBOX 360 Launch Blues

Well I am officially bummed out.  I will not be getting my pre-ordered 360.  I don’t know what else to do other then go find a store and wait for one.  I know where the Best Buys in my area are going to have the most so thats a help. 

I have been reading the XBOX Forums and there are alot of upset people out there.  I can understand why.  When you drop money and let people know your intentions to purchase a unit 90+ days before launch.  I feel that Microsoft knew what the demand was. Production should have been increased to cover the launch demand from Presales.

Now I don’t work for Microsoft, but I feel like I listen to the people who write on and market the product.  People like Major Nelson and Trixie.  There has been little info from them on launch shortages.  Until I made the call to Gamestop today I was unsure where I was on the list.  I did know that I was on the second shipment.  I have been in there several times since my preorder asking and I was told my chances were good to get one on launch.  I was also told several times that if I did not get one on launch that it would only be a week before it gets there.  Now its being said that it will be at least 2 weeks.

Now I have been saving to make sure I could get it on launch.  Just to say I have one is not enough.  Its what I wanted for XMAS.  I might have it but who knows.

I really wish that Microsoft would have been had more in the supply chain before launch to make sure that we would all get one.

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