WSOP Makes you Want to Play

So the World Series of Poker is going on right now at the Rio in Vegas.  I am not there of course but someday.  Not to win but to just go play with the hope of winning.

The circuit events are on ESPN right now.  This is the TV start of the 2006 coverage.  Those who watch ESPN know that the commercials are all over the place.  It gets me all excited for some reason.

The H.O.R.S.E. event is over.  This is the one that I want to see the most.  Its really to bad that they are only going to show one day on TV.  I would like to see the whole thing but hey its not hold’em so its not going to get the coverage the main event is going to get.  They are saying that the Main Event ($10000 buy in Hold’em) will pay 10 Million this year.  Thats just plain nuts.  Just a few years ago it was a million.

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