Wow Word Counts

So I did a word count to see how long my last post was and it was over 1000 words.  I thought writing that much would be much more work then it really was.

Now if I can make that happen with a normal boring every week thing I will hit my goal.  I just need a few ideas.

Speaking of Ideas!  Sunday of this week will be full of stories for sure.  Las Vegas begins in 48 hours and there will be lots of happenings.  I am going to try to do some blogging while I am there but I will for sure have a wrap up on Sunday to cover the whole trip.

Highlights?  I know there will be a blow out bachelor party involving strippers and clubs and a after hours club.  I know if I am still alive at the end of the night I will be hitting the card tables for a 7am tourny.

There will be a wedding on Saturday.  Other then that there are some other drunken happenings I am sure.

There is a very important meeting tomorrow as well with some folks from Jacksonville FLA tomorrow that could be good.


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