World Cup Update

Well its been a week or so since my last world cup post and I have been shocked at what has happened.

The US was knocked out on Thursday by Ghana!  That was a bummer.  I think that the US did well but if they would have tried a little harder their first game this may have been a non factor game.

Soccer Roos got bumped today on what I thought was a really well sold dive by Italy.  I would have much rather seen another 30 minutes of play and then move to pks like the swiss game today.

The Portugal game was unreal.  I was shocked and amazed that the game was let go like it was.  They may as well have been playing in a rec game with a 12 year old ref the way it was handled.  16 yellow cards and 4 reds is not a soccer game its a brawl spread out over 90 minutes.  Portugal who was my favored team after the US got bumped is going to have to struggle in the next round to stay alive.

England is moving along.  Its hard to say how much longer they can win games like this???

Brazil plays tomorrow and I would think Ghana is going to show up to play.  So if Brazil does not I would expect them to get bumped.  Argentina…OMG what a team.  They are looking great and I would expect them to finish strong if they can avoid some bad calls.

OK I am going to pick Porto to go all the way!  (I think Argentina will take it)

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