World Cup Draw Thoughts

I have been thinking all day today about the World Cup Draw going on tomorrow. Mixed feelings and emotions jumbled up about it. On one hand I feel that I HAVE to support the bid and I do but I think we sold out to England for the 2018 bid and that in its self tarnished it a bit for me. On the other hand I love to travel and I will be working to go to the 2014 WC in Brazil. If I could have I would have been in Germany for 2006 but my ticket draw came to late to secure lodging that was not thousands of dollars. Looking back we should have gone and just brought back packs and camped.
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Lets start with 2018…. The “lost” bid. I am not some super FIFA dude but I am not sure why the damn cup has to be played on EURO soil every 8 years or some bloody snot complains they have to travel to far to see it and they are the only “REAL” fans. England jumped on board for the 2018 bid which they all but have locked up to the Russians. No ill will for my English friends but that was our cup. You got the 2012 Olympics give us WC. For my personally its hard enough to convert people to the beautiful game but adding 18 years is not doing us any favors. The worlds game grew by the world cup moving around. Look at Europe and South America the location of most of the world cups since the start. Look who have the most defined leagues and money from the sport. 2010 World Cup in South Africa was awesome! Not only a country but a continent got to experience something great and from that will come the fostering of the sport. Getting the 2018 WC could have grown American Soccer to levels unheard of faster!

Now onto 2022…Here we are looking at some pretty good competition. Qatar has a pretty strong bid and its a great location for middle east soccer. The area has a healthy soccer presence but it needs to a big boost and they have the money to make it a great event. The boys in Green and Yellow from down under have a ton of motivation to get the bid. Much like the US they have a national league that is very young but does ok. Great international players coming in like the US and have a solid Euro format. They need to foster soccer much like the US because of Aussi Rules football, Rugby and Cricket all being solid national sports. They did host the 2000 Olympics so they have hosted a Major International Soccer tourny so they know a few things. I really dont think that Korea or Japan have a shot but their bids are viabile but would have been more solid if they would have combined again like they did in the past.

Now time for me to let it out. I think the cup here in the states is very important. I think we need it sooner rather then later and that us sitting down for the 2018 bid instead of busting Beckham and the boys balls and pushing cause we like to beat the English, the US Soccer Federation weaseled some crazy deal. Why I say! I know that Europe is not fond of us over bearing Americans. Intruding on “Their” sports and getting involved in things we should not. Got news for you that may feel that way, Soccer or Football has been ingrained in my world since I was 6 years old. I know I was not raised with a local team that I have to support. I grew up in the awkward age of soccer in America when soccer was not cool and was just as weird as the band or other weird things. It was when soccer in lots of places was a “Club” thing and not a sport.

My kids grow up with Soccer. I coached and ref. I learned the rules. I am a professional soccer season ticket holder for a team that soon their grounds will be hallowed like Old Trafford, Anfield, Wembley or Nou Camp. With time comes tradition, With tradition comes prestige. Seattle, Washington is working on that now. Its to bad that its not like this around the country. Its so close too, so close to breaking open here. If we could lose the thoughts of what if we take viewers away from American Football or Baseball or Basketball. WHO CARES!! I watch throw ball but could give a shit about baseball or basketball. To me Throw ball is like Rugby in the UK, everyone knows its there and lots of people follow it but its Soccer that gets me going but Rugby or in my case throwball will get me by. I have something that most people in Europe do not have with their team. My team is growing up with me not me growing up with it.

Tomorrow morning I will get up and head to work like I always do but I will get to listen to the words that will be coming out of my radio as I drive in. The words from Zurich that very well could hold the fate of Soccer in the US. Club soccer will only go so far here. Seeing that Golden Ball being held up by US hands would propel us into the next wave. I as a soccer supporter in the US am pissed that it will not be 2018. I as a soccer supporter will open my home in 2022 to my friends from around the world to come share the beautiful game with me.

{excepts about this piece] I was a bit emotional today when I heard Landon Donovan speak on behalf of the US delegation in Zurich. I wanted to post a bit about how I feel and not even all of it just 945 words that spilled out. I wish there were more people that were willing to dump how they fell about international soccer on paper so people can see it.

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