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Well It seems that I have crossed the line….

I am moving to the dark side of computing and have aquired a mac….*GASP* I know, the biggest MS fanboy in the world has made a leap that may be unforgivable to some. I am ok with it.

Brad Wilson had a pretty new mac mini up for sale and I had to take a shot. It ended up that I was able to purchase the machine. Now what to do with it? Some poeple I know want to use it for photos and educational stuff as they are in school. I am ok with that. I am more interested in learning a new skill. It can’t hurt to learn a new OS right?

My desktop is still up and running but its getting alittle dated so I think this is the most cost effective method of trying something new and upgrading my systems. If it works out I may go dual boot next year with the new Intel mac?

Now on to look for mac apps!

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