What is Change?

I think today there are many people around the world who felt the “winds of change”, but what is change?

In todays world can one man bring change to so so many people? I don’t think so but I think that one man can bring the idea of change into a nation that needs change. The idea of change is nothing more then that, an idea. It takes of those around him to enforce that change. To lead the change is a huge task in of its self but it can only be realized if normal everyday people invoke that change.

This leads me to hope. Today did bring a big ole helping of hope. Tomorrow when people wake up from their celebration hang overs of “Change” it will be time to enact change. This will require hundreds of thousands of people getting up and taking action. ALL People, white, black, brown, yellow and green. Americans need to evoke the change thats needed not one man named Barack. I hope that at 9am tomorrow morning January 21st, 2009 Barack institutes his homeland plans for personal change.

I have been doing some research on the subject of personal giving and what I can do. I have a few ideas which I hope to post more on soon. I want to hear what tomorrow brings.

I hope that everyone is doing the same thing and preparing for the same.

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