Well I Missed Something!

So I was catching up on my RSS feeds and I ran accross this and thought it was very interesting!

For those that are to lazy to pull up the page it regards Zune.  MS’s new media showing.  Promising an iPOD killer.  Now being that I have believed in MS for so so many years and have owned so many MS things (looking around my desk I have 2 MS windows PC’s, 1 XBOX, MS mice and Keyboards) but I have moved on.

I have left the MS world.  Opening my world to new things!  My Mac’s, My iPOD, My Bluetooth.  My “it just  works”.  I love it all.  I don’t want to go back to MS stuff.  Even though I work in a business world that does MS in big ways.  I have my feet in both worlds and will continue that until I go to work for a Macentric company.

Working for a Web based service I have noticed the MS may run the software world but the world is moving away from a traditional server/client world.

Who needs it?  Who needs a server/client world?  GEEKS!

Thats it.  I have never ever needed a sever in my house but I have them?  Cause I am geek.  I also have more computers in my house then I really need.  I have moved away from that need.  I have no email servers in my house anymore.  I have moved everything offsite.  I can use my mac for everything…EVERYTHING!  I can do asp, php, MSSQL, MySQL stuff…all from this desk.

How is MS going to get me to move off my Mac?  How are they going to get me to get rid of my little nano?  I can’t see it happening.  I really really can’t.

The only MS product line I continue to have faith in is the XBOX world.  I still feel that its a superiour product to the PS line.  I have said that from Day 1.  I guess that may change if apple could produce a game machine worth a damn.

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