Vegas (part 1)

Well now that things have settled down a bit here I will try to begin my Vegas posts.  I will start by saying that I had a blast all around.

The flight down was not that exciting but we got there and there was free cocktails on the plane!  So I of course took full advantage of this.  Had a few drinks to start my afternoon.  Landed and we got a limo to the hotel.  While on the way 20 or so friends were heading over to the Las Vegas Hilton to hit up the Star Trek rides and Quarks Bar for food.  So We dumped our bags and headed right over on the Monorail.  I was pretty happy with the Monorail, it was clean and pretty quick to get to the Hilton from MGM.  It was cheaper then a cab for sure. 

We all started drinking and I had a a shot and a few fruity things and a blue beer.  Its always a blast there and the drinks are always strong and pretty cheap.  We had a few people down for the count after that.  We headed back to the hotel and got ready for the bachelor party.  Got everyone together and headed out.

First stop was Tabu in the MGM.  We got in and got our bottles, 4 total and the night began.  Cigars and lots of booze.  It seemed we were in there for a long time but I guess it was only a few hours.  I drank WAY to much and took a spill a few times.  There was dancing and I was having a great time.  Lots of people there.  I can’t believe how packed it was.  Lots of girls in flocks without male escorts!  Our host then put us on in a big ol’ SUV limo and we headed to the Rhino.

My BAC was pretty high at this point and I was having issues with standing at times so I stopped the drinking around this time.  I began the water drinking.  Had a few lap dances by some cute girls.  A few people had more then a few and the soon to be married guy seemed to have a girl when ever I looked.  The girls were very cute but I wanted to see some boobs…big ol’ fake boobs!  There was none of them around me.  I did see a few but none close up.  I remember going to the ATM once and I also hit the bathroom with help from my friend Del!  He was my guide, nudging me into the right direction.  I remember the attendant in the bathroom asking Del if I was gonna throw up and Del was like “nope he just has to squirt”  So I got back to my seat and had all kinds of girls wanting to go to the VIP and I said NO.  It took strength that I would not normally have but I think that I was to far gone to say yes.

Back to the Limo for some after hours….

Stay Tuned for more Vegas Fun…

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