Vegas Baby

Man…It was only 2 months ago I was in SIN City but yet i have need to head back. I want to head down there and do something. Poker, UFC sitting poolside. Eating, Drinking and doing all the vegas stuff.

I think I may need a vaction. I have time coming up….I am looking forward to it as well. I need a break. One where I am out of the office and not thinking about work at all. A mental break, streching more then a weekend. I can taste it.

I have 3 more weeks on the road coming up before my next break. I will be in bama next week, That just came up but its alright. I have some eastern WA and Cali before thanksgiving. then I start a major push into Florida until the end of the year. At least it will be warm.

The weather in Seattle has been crappy so I am hoping that means snow is coming. I want to get up to Whistler a few times this year for sure to board. Its been 2 years since I have flown off the side of a mountian.

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