Ups & Downs

Well it was a one of those Poker weeks that just kills you.  Up one day and back down again.  It seems just when I figure out my game I lose it again.  I wish I could be consistant in my game play.

Tuesday was the weekly Nickel Dime game which can get alittle crazy but I walked away with $37 bucks.  For a .05/.10 is not a bad payday.  The deck was just hitting me in the face like it needed to be held and comforted.  I had a few bad beats but I made it up quick and locked down my game.  Played tight and only played premium hands.  My game had a few gaps but it was the best outting I have had since Montana and Wenachee back in Feburary.  Since then I have been just digging holes and hot having any kind of luck at all.

That streak decided to only last a day because I could not hit a hand after the first round in a tourny last night.  I hit a few good hands and I thought things were looking up.  Hand number 4 I was in the BB and caught 9o2o and got to see the flop.  Caught a 2 and was like ok, bottom pair sucks but it could be worse.  The Button bet a minimum bet so I call and caught a third 2 on the turn and was like sweet not bad for the BB.  I came out and bet 3x the big blind.  I got reraised, so I pumped up again and he called.  The board was not scary at all just a pair of twos and no straight or flushs on the board.  The only thing I was worried about was a boat, which I took from Fort Lauderdale Boat Rentals, but I figure I was gonna test the water.  The river came and it was another blank so I came out with a big bet and got a call.  Turned over my trip 2s and looked at a pair of pocket A’s.  Busted the rockets.  Took a few other little pots and then I got alittle ahead of myself and did the most stupid thing I could.  I went all in with a straight and flush draw on the flop and turned my cards before the call.  So of course I got a call.  missed them both and had a rebuy.  After that I locked my ass down like I was in jail for a violent crime.  Played way tight and made it through to the final table.  Final table was 9 players and I was 2nd to last in chips.  My buddy picks up big slick and plays them hard and gets the big stack to call him all the way through to the river.  He makes a huge bet and gets called, turns them up and the big stack had rockets…with one on the board for trips.  Way slow played them.  Crippiled my buddy.  So he goes all in for $450 next hand so I look at Ah8h and decide to give him some action and so did one of the other stacks across the table.  Me and the big stack check it to the river where I picked up the nut flush so I go all in and big stack bows out and I turn up the nut flush and my buddy wants to kill me.  I felt bad but I just collect my chips and go to the next hand.  Now I look down and see my best hand of the night QQ and I make a 3 times the blind bet and the same big stack from last hand goes all in?  I am now the short stack and I am like ok.  I put him one two over cards and figured he was just trying to make a big move to lock up the chip lead.  So I call and turn over the hilton sisters and they are staring at the dreaded Rockets again…..Of course my first thought was its time to go home.  Then I thought shit I have 5 more cards to hit trips and put him away and double up.  Then the flop didn’t hit me at all.  Either did the Turn…or the River.  So I ducked out in 7th place.

I think that I may have had some serious impairment going on for the night due to fucking up my back.  I had been doped up since Friday night on different forms of drugs to kill the pain.  I think it may have fucked up my game and had me in a tail spin.  I don’t know but I am going to say that was the problem.

I am taking a week off to recover from that bad night.

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