Well the last week have been crazy crazy. It all started with the rain.

The rain has been out of control. Its been raining for the most part since I got back from vacation last week. Not normal Seattle rain but the kind of rain that makes people jump off bridges and stuff. You would think that such rain would give me a chance to catch up on other things. Its just made me sit in my truck for long periods of time over the last 8 days during traffic.

I have been putting in a ton of work the last few days. My boss and I have been working on an Product Line upgrade for one of our Clients and it kicked my ass Thursday as I put in a solid 20 hour day. I am normally a workaholic but I try to spread it out. But for the most part everyone is extremely happy and the time paid off.

On the work note I got a trophy for being a superstar. Though I think its great my employer finds it important to recognize employees for a job well done I think its nutty to give a trophy. I did get a $50 giftcert to Amazon so that is cool.

I have also been working on the site here. I took the time to add a bbpress forum to the site. It can be found on the right side of this page . The setup is pretty easy and it looks ok. I am going to work on integrating my CSS into the forum so that is my next personal project. One of the guys on my team asked if I would be interested in working on a new web project for a friend of his but I haven’t heard back. I have also been working getting my music collection up and running.  It is pushing the limits of my harddrive.  So I am going to make a purchase of a mybook external harddrive in the 320 gig range and run it with firewire 400.

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