Update of sorts

Well its been a bit since I have updated for real.

Lots has been happening around here.  The holidays were very exciting as I was offered a new job.  Lots about that later.

Also got a dog, her name is Coal.  She is a sweet 8 year old English Black Lab.  She is great.  Pretty easy going and fun.  We have had her for about a week and she has settled in well.

Now you maybe thinking how in the hell can you have time for a dog when your on the road so much.  Well, I am not anymore.  The new job has taken me out of the world of travel (which I will kind of miss) and back into the software world.

The position will still be in implementation but I will be hands on in the data end of setup and such.  This means I have to remember how to do somethings other then a SELECT statement as its been a bit.  Thats not so true but I have been using Crystal for the last 2.5 years to get that stuff out of the DB.  It is like riding a bike but I want to jump my game up alot.  I will be working on that over the next few weeks.  I have been trying to create an environment were I can do that but my Desktop is hosed.  I have been needing to do a lot to it for a over a year but haven’t really had time being on the road.  Let alone the fact that with my work laptop and my blackberry I haven’t really needed to use this for much more then music and internet.

So I have my laptop that I can run which I have been doing alittle with this weekend but I would like a full blown server with a SQL 2005 on it.  

Now why on with would I want that.  Well I want to do a few things with it.  Server space on a rack here would be great.  1 so I could use it for storage for music, pics and movies.  This would also allow me to move to a Windows Media Center PC, Workstation and Laptop for the house.  I have already decided to move to a new wireless network.  I will be doing that over the next quarter or so.  This will be an easy move.  I will also have everything but the server on wireless.  That should allow me to have some HD space to move a bunch of stuff as well as moving a SQL server off my machine and have things running the way I want.  The new network will also help out with everything in the house as almost everything here is wireless now.

So its time to clean some stuff up and get things the way I want them.

More to come… 

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