Twitter Updates for 2008-06-21

  • Missed todays euro. 08 game just saw the highligts kinda glad I missed it #
  • it was a rough night. One of my cats got into it with one of the other cats and appears to be both hurt and scared. he kept me up all nite #
  • checking up on the WSOP results for the day and I am seeing a good number of pros doing well. I wonder if one will win the main event #
  • upgrading ram on a macbook is a bit tougher then on a macbook pro but both MBP and macbook both have 4 gig of ram #
  • I find it funny that I used my A+ tech tool kit for the upgrade and apparently none of the tools would work on a Mac. #
  • @scottw I have almost fully moved to Safari due to some of the issues FF. The only thing I use FF for is FireBug in FF2 #
  • @fireboltames now your a wake boarder! maybe you will need your own board soon 😛 #
  • I am so proud of @fireboltames she wants her own wakeboard! I would have never guessed. next she will want a new mastercraft #
  • @lazycoder heh..thats right you keep telling the world that! though its been pretty true for the most part the last few months #
  • last nights Sport Fight 23 in PDX was a good card but they are going to have to up the production of the show to get more mainstream #
  • it pisses me off when sites produce a RSS feed that is a excerpt of an article so I have to go to the site to see crappy ads FAIL #
  • your RSS feed fails! #
  • it seems that Eastside MMA is $50 cheaper a month then AMC and its right next to my office and Golds #
  • I will have to stop in there once I get out of the brace to see if MMA and Boxing are included in the price #
  • I guess if I red the big red print I would see that it does include boxing and Muay Thai #
  • will Russia finish like Turkey did yesterday? #
  • 3 quarter final games, 3 group winners out. Wow #

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