Twitter Updates for 2008-06-19

  • @trixie360 that is a sock in those underwears…. #
  • thinking about moving most of my email over to mobile me next month…why not I say its exchange for the rest of us #
  • I would really like to know one thing. If your going to cut off a foot and throw it in the water where are the bodies? #
  • @SkydiveGuy funny you cant find a wii…I have seen them all over around Redmond. #
  • @SkydiveGuy Well when your out here for PAX maybe you can get one if you dont have one by then. #
  • just started reading the NY Times online and I really enjoy the layout and find it well written. There are now 2 good NY things pizza & NYT #
  • in hopes of a new iPhone soon I am playing around with BrightKite gonna see how that goes #
  • @Weezul It means your getting old and living the rat race life #
  • looking forward to the portugal germany match today #
  • why does it cost $79 for a spare power adapter for a mac book? #
  • @thenaterator yea its my personal macbook I need it for. #
  • I need a safari wizard to help me get better tab handling? Does anyone know how to get safari to open bookmarks in new tabs? #
  • Other then using open apple click or open apple + T click link #
  • its on like Donkey Kong Now! Lets go Portugal! #
  • Portugal is going to lose this game….they look way to out of whack #
  • and there it is…damn it…I knew the back line looked wa to weak for portugal to handle #
  • ok you think portugal can calm down now and stop playing soccer like 14 year olds… #
  • @vampaz They need to work the left side of the field and more of the middle with quick passes like they do best. #
  • @vampaz There we go…thats how to do it! #
  • wow…wowwow wow….OMG wow….I am about ready to turn off the TV #
  • I am at a complete lose of what the hell happened to portugal during the first 35 minutes of the game. They did not deserve to win #

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