Twitter Updates for 2008-06-18

  • 2 invites for some new social network for professionals called Konnects I am not going to link it cause I dont want to start a war #
  • @Weezul sure Aerosmith did… #
  • Just Picked up 4 gig o RAM for the new Macbook..It was way cheap. 4 Gig via apple store = $400 via Amazon $89 hmmm something is wrong there #
  • @thenaterator no your only done with school for right now my friend….there will be more school at some point it never goes away #
  • every time I upgrade wordpress I forget to disable my plugins….grrr #
  • apparently the lakers are going home….Kevin Garnet is going ape shit… #
  • OK site is upgraded….looks ok #
  • I know that I am late to the party but I really like the admin features in WordPress 2.5.1 #
  • I got a welcome surprise yesterday from DishNetwork…Dish has finally completed the local HD network programming by bringing on FOX #
  • With Fox in HD that will make my NFL season much better this year. #
  • Looks like the Mississippi is going big! Hope everyone there stays safe #
  • new macbook is out for delivery! #
  • CNN is reporting that kids smoke pot…Is that news worthy? #
  • The pot story on CNN about Pot only scares me on the one stat on ER visits have increased 136%. That seems high. #
  • Pretty sweet use of the interwebs: looks pretty plain but there is plenty of aggregate data including twitter #
  • Looks like the twitter info can be tracked via #iowaflood if your looking to track info via twitter #
  • Tiger is out for the rest of the season due to his bum knee. I can relate to his knee pain. I am pretty sure he wants to be cool like me. #
  • @pinksage Ketchikan looks like it did when I lived there back in 1992. Glad to see they have not gotten all modern #
  • @pinksage that should not take to long…its a pretty town but not to big #
  • @brianshaler You need to add a next button to your mymotivatr site so we can cycle through the pics instead of using the back button. #
  • I have not said this alot in my life but right now Russia is on fire in the Euro08 game #
  • @thenaterator You must not be on the corp network if you can hit that URL #
  • @thenaterator no we like to call that system engineer with super access 😛 #

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