Twitter Updates for 2008-06-17

  • why does amway now have commericals on tv? wtf? did the koolaid kill all the zombies? #
  • After 3 days of sponge baths I finally got a real shower! It was nice #
  • damn its to bad I can’t head to redmond tomorrow to see the deadlist catch crew…damn #
  • OMG G.W. is a moron and watching him speak makes me more dumber #
  • my brace got all wonky last night but it is better now. I need to get some ice on it and my swollen ankle #
  • just found out my CEO makes 1.2 million a year….I need a raise #
  • George Takei is getting gay married today #
  • @serenasheik no I can’t not because apparently the news is making a HUGE deal over it… #
  • @Weezul pretty sure boobies would be step one for entrance. #
  • gonna have to get some form of food shortly #
  • burnt the shit out of my lunch #
  • @codinghorror I work with AMEX daily and corp cards not not the best method for that. Maybe easier to expense an out of pocket expense #
  • been listening to ESPN all day. Another example of people in NY are out of control. Mets coach was fired at 12:15am not 3:15am jackass’s. #

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