I am now in Alabama…Damn its HOTT….Its damn HOTT….

It was pretty much hell getting here but I got the hook ups!

Though I did not get to fly first class, I did get an emergency row exit and that works for me.  Because of the lateness they were low on cars at the rental car place so they hooked me up with a new Tahoe!

I get to the hotel and they put me in a really nice room but the floor was soaking wet.  I could not walk around with my shoes off, it was that bad.  Also I had a Handicap Accessible room so it had a shower with a sliding shower head that was busted.  I must say the bed was way comfy…It was awesome!  But I told them about the shower and floor and they moved me 3 doors down which was way cool.  What they did was way way unexpected!  They put me in a 2 room king executive suite with a kitchen!  Complete with 2 TVs and bathrobes.  Hats off to Marriott for that!  They want above and beyond and have earned a new level of respect for customer service.  The girl at the counter was also very very professional!  I I find out her name I will list it here are it was way beyond great service.

I am now going to go study some database schemas so I can do some work tomorrow.  I am dog tired though.  Yesterday was a long day for sure.  Didn’t even get to the hotel until like 130am and had to be on site at 830. 



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