The State of MMA

I guess those who may not know me in real life might not know that I am a huge Mix Martial Arts fan.  I watch a lot of events as well as do a lot of reading on the sport.  The last 3 months have been HUGE for MMA, huge maybe an understatement.  

MMA coverage on TV and in press has totally exploded.  This is great for the sport, it brings the sport into the forefront of the American market who have shunned the sport for years.  Back in the 90’s a lot of state banned the sport from TV due to the “Violent” nature.  Since then  the sport has changed greatly.  No longer is the sport just no glove blood baths that it was seen as.  Today the sport is making leaps to become a sanctioned by many athletic commissions.  It seems that New York is one of the last hold outs on the sport and they do have a measure to get it legal again.

There has been the formation of the Unified Rules system which include the 10 point must system of scoring.  The sport is also follows anti doping rules.  Clean fair fights are happening almost every day now.

For a fight fan 2008 has been amazing.  TV events for free as coming fast and opening the sport to those who can’t afford the $50 bucks for a PPV event.  Just a few years ago there was 2 or 3 PPV’s on per year and the number has increased to what seems like 1 a month.  

The amount of fight groups and promotions is out of control.  UFC, EliteXC, StrikeForce, Affliction, WEC, Dream and god knows who else.  There are a ton of regional groups and gym events too.

With all this fighting going how do I see it?

The UFC currently seems to have a majority of the big name light heavy and heavy weight big names.  I don’t think the heavy weight division is fun to watch anymore.  There doesn’t seem to be enough movement due to the organization splits that has allowed it to be fun anymore.  The light heavy weight fighters from the UFC seem to only title fight 1 or 2 times a year due to the big names like Rampage.  Not enough movement to make it interesting.

I am personally watching a lot more WEC and Strikeforce 135, 145 and 155 divisions.  I should point out that WEC is owned by UFC.  The fights come faster for the smaller groups and for Strikeforce fighters, they are not locked into just fighting for the UFC.  The strikeforce fighters are also fighting in other events around the world.  So far those two groups have put on the best fights this year like Faber vs. Pulver and others.

HDNet has also been a huge source of MMA coverage.  The current show each week “Inside MMA”, give you an hours worth of weekly coverage and previews.  Bas and Kenny are pretty good together though a bit nutty.  They also have a great group of guest panelists on each week.  HDNet has also been doing live Friday Night Fights featuring all other groups other then the UFC and WEC.  This friday was Sport Fighter 23 from Portland and saturday night was the replay of Dream 4 from Japan which was up against the TUF 7 finale.  

If your interested if finding out more on MMA in todays world I would suggest checking out some of the following sites.

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