The Snow is Has Left the Building

Well now that everyone east of here is getting what we all ready had life will be returning to normal.  This week has been a lot of me working from home and leaving early due to weather or traffic or what ever.  Well everyone should be back at work tomorrow and I will be joining that crowd.  I probably could have made it to work today but last night when I went to bed it was nasty out.

So now that its over I am hoping for a good weekend and maybe a sunny week next week.

Seattle broke a ton of weather related records in November and I would like to stop that trend but I am a mere mortal man.

For those paying attention my amazon wishlist link is now posted to the right.  I have been asked several times for it lately so I have thrown it up for ease of use.

I have some things that I need to do for the site is on the left.  I need to come up with a new blog roll as that one is out of date.

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