The Quest for the Colada

SInce I have spent a few weeks in Miami and being around Cubans I have aquired a love for the ‘Colada’. This is a sweet espresso drink that takes time to master. I did purchase some coffee while in Miami to perfect this drink. I will perfect this drink.

Now being a huge coffee drinker already I have a need for it. I need the caffine. I also love the test. Now I normally drink it black but the colada is sweet. They add sugar to this thing and its heaven. They do serve it in these little thimbles but I need more then that. I need a whole damn thing for myself cause its like black gold….love in a cup.

While researching receipes on how to make the drink I did run accross this great site that talks about the beautiful drink. Check it out here. Also if your interested in purchasing this wonderful cuban coffee you can go to the Cafe Bustelowebsite and order you some!

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