The Internet has Changed Everything!

So I was readingCNN this morning and came across this page. It talks about how much the internet has changed the way we live?

I am in a bubble of technology so I can tell if this is true. I am the internet. I live by email. I goggle or MSN search everything. I have Voice over IP through Vonage. I have hi-speed internet through Comcast. I use Amazon, Ebay, Overstock, Gamestop and many other websites to make purchases. I own MP3 players and use both ITunes and Rhapsody to get my music now. I don’t have a brick and mortar bank all my accounts are online and I have not spoken to a banker in 6 months and that’s only because I had to make some money changes that could not be done online or via ATM.

I know how to find WiFi Hotspots and use them when needed. I have a wireless network with a networked Tivo. I have a Hi-Def TV again with Comcast. I have been thinking of a Media Center PC. I would get that to go with my XBOX with Media Center Extender. I have my own website and A livejournal. I have been blogging since it was just a journal. I have had a website for years. I could sit here and list all the apps I use but that would take up to much space.

Has the world changed?? I know that I am all about new technology. But I guess if I can email my mom and my brother and my dad things have changed. I am still the guy in my family that is the Tech Guy. I guess I am never gonna get away from that. Though I have moved from hardware to software things have been alittle different. The prices of PC’s have come down so much that its cheaper to go buy what you want then to have it built. Now its all about software.

As most know I am a Microsoft fan boy. Though the last year has had me thinking outside the box. I now have an apache web server running in my test environment. I am also running MySQL next to my MS SQL server. I have been playing with both PHP and ASP. Though I am no expert in anything I have skills in lots of stuff.

I am all about RSS. I am all about cross platform compatibility. I am tired of the geek fights. My OS is better then yours. C++ is bet the VB. PHP is better then ASP. MS SQL is better then MySQL. Macs vs. PCs?

Who Cares! Get out there and do something with what you have! Learn something new. Try something out. Get on the band wagon cause its not going away. Business requirementsare making sure that we the little people will always have new technology. Though we will never see a push like we did in the late 90’s. New break throughs happen everyday and we all need to take ownership and steward this new technology.

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