The guy in the Garage

I remember I was somewhere and I heard the question asked “who is your biggest competitor?” the answer surprised me at the time. Not because of the words spoken but it was the forward thinking of the answer, ‘Its the guy in his garage..building the next big thing“. Those words stopped me in my tracks as I could have been that guy. Any number of the smart people I know could have been that person.

Today I can only what it must be like to have that great idea. The venture capitalists are back at it and looking to find the next google or facebook or twitter. Lots of great small companies coming out of the wood work providing great tools. The one tool they do not have is history. I use to work for a small business who was looking to get big….they always looked at the big boys and swung the bat. They had over a .500 average but they lacked something and that thing was time. History was always an important factor in our success. Building on experience was our proven weapon of choice.

Being a great solid company in todays times is golden. To be a great solid company and move into a space that you are not known for takes balls. Yesterday Google made some large announcements about their cloud computing marketplace ( This is a game changer as far as the leverage the small to medium company has today. The small guy in the garage can now compete with the big boys in the same sandbox. Small business can shop around for their best tools with little to no effort. They don’t have to be shoeboxed into some big product and spend a ton of money for it.

I am impressed by this showing from day one. I am impressed by the quality of tools available from big names and small names. Go and check them out and be impressed yourself. I want to thank all the people that are making the world of business for the little guy better. I am glad to work for a company on that list, I hope we are thinking like the guy in the garage.

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