The Google Machine

Its been about a month since I got back from Google and the place has been in my head.  Going to Google for an implementation was for sure cool but it got me thinking.

Would I want to go work for them?  I can say even though they seem to be smart and nice, I am not sure that I would fit in there.  Its almost the same feeling I went to the motherland in Redmond.  Like with M$, I was amazed at the initial shock of being somewhere of the proportions of Google.  The facilities where amazing!  They have some of the best benefits of any company I have seen.  But at what cost are those benefits? 

Working for a extremely fast growing tech company things may not be as glamorous but I fit in.  I am making a difference in a product that is changing the way businesses do business.  It sounds dumb I guess but one of the things I can’t see with Google is how they make business better other then a wealth of information for knowledge workers to access. 

In my personal life I use just about every google product there is but not in my work life.  Since the largest portion of my life on a Computer is conducting business a large portion of Googles products can’t be used.  I would love to use gmail or google docs but we can’t due to the size of the business.  I could see small groups or teams getting to use them all but not in the corporate model today.

The difference about Google and M$ that I did notice is that when I left Google I was not soured like I was with M$.  I still think that Google is a good company which is something that I didn’t feel when I left M$.  I didn’t start an egress plan to move off of Google products.  I still enjoy using them and find huge value for them in my personal life.

To give M$ some love, I still have an love my XBOX and don’t see that going away but that is the only product that I use in my personal life.  I also still use MSN messenger almost everyday (since no one uses GTalk).

Maybe now that I am not really using any M$ products that will put them back in my good graces and I can see their innovation instead of the flaws of daily product issues.

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