The Diet

I have decided to use this space for my own personal recording of my diet and such. More of a personal tracking and accountability. I figured since its used for little else as of late it would be a great platform to keep stuff off of twitter and facebook. If people want to keep up they can. I should mention I have read a lot of diet reviews from Ben CorbinĀ  to make sure I am on track.

That said its been just shy of a week on this weight loss plan. Why the weight loss? Well if you read my deer post you know I went to the hospital. During that trip they took all kinds of scans and crap. Well they thought they had found some cancer on my thyroid but after additional tests and scans it proved ok. They did find some issues with my liver though. Mostly due to extreme weight gain (50 lbs) since I quit smoking two years ago. I never really thought about it but I guess I did fill that void of smoking with beer and food. Not a lot of food but food I should not have been eating. Sure a Chili burger every now and then is ok but you cant follow it with a large pizza for dinner. Go figure. I am trying a weight loss supplement from in my diet.

So the doc told me I HAD to lose weight now before my sugar level puts me into type II diabetes *note I am not that close but it has gone up in the last 2 years by a significant amount. So I looked at my options and decided that Weight Watchers for Men seems to be a good option.

Why WW? Simple it does not only help keep you accountable for what you shove in your fat mouth but it allows you to understand exactly what you are eating. That is exactly what I need. I know that I eat food but I need realize how much and when. I have changed a bit of my eating patterns by not eating a meal after 7pm which I think helps a lot. It reduces the amount of time between my lunch and dinner as well as allows me to digest before going to bed. It also means I will have to cook more. I am still working on the going out thing. WW does really well with chain restaurants but I got to a lot of local places so it requires a lot of guessing. Lucky for me I cooked for several years and I know more about portioning and cooking methods then most. I think that helps. Amy has also been helping by not cooking with butter and helping with the portion sizes.

So far in week 1 I have done well and tracked every piece of food I have eaten and I find the tools on iPad and iPhone to allow me to do it quickly without feeling pressure to do so. I have yet to use all my points in a day and I have yet to use any of my extra points. I am feeling hungry most of the time but not starving. I will post official weight tomorrow but my first weighing of the week shows me down 6 lbs. Thats not bad

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