The Change has Been Made To Community Server 1.1

Well I have made the Change from .Text. I have moved up to Community Server. I thought about moving to word press and thought about it some more and decided to stay with Scott W. and move to CS. I was highly motivated to make this server change by the advice of the team that came with those new SEO reseller packages I purchased last week.

It was a really easy move even though I use a web host and not my own server locally. Things went really well. I am working on my skins and want to get one working the way I want and be cool.

I will figure it out for sure. I do like the Idea of being able to create Forums if I want andI can also have photo galleries….so I got that set up too!

I really like the fact that I was also able to port my .Text Entries to CS.

I like it….I like it alot…

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