The Back

So I made a pretty generic post on my twitter and Facebook the other day that has a few people asking questions so I figure I would do a bit of a post on what I know and what my plan is.

On Wednesday I was called by my doctor who to my surprise had my MRI results from the Friday before. The good news is she was able to find the issue with the pain thats been getting worse over the last few months and to find the issue that has been my low lying pain for the last year or so. The major issue is I have a major compression on the right side of my L3-L4 which is one they did work on back in 1993. This is forcing the disk to push out to the left an is causing the more acute pain I have been having. It also looks like there “damage” to the disks above it but she did not get into specifics other then that.

So whats next? I am heading to go see a neurosurgeon on July 17th to get some further info on the MRI and what some of my options are. Options are the most important thing at this point as being only 38 I do not want to have something that will be a life impacting surgery but I don’t want to live in pain any more either. So the next question is why so long until your next visit? Apparently he is a very good doc that only have office hours twice a week so its hard to get in. I am on the waiting list though so if I can get in sooner I will.

Until then I am not getting down on anything I am just going to chill out and figure some stuff out. Mostly what I want as the outcome.

Thanks everyone for the questions and the support! I will get this figured out and be back to normal soon I hope.

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