Targeting the Right Talk Box

This week I heard a lot of political ramblings about health care from Democrats speaking to their more undereducated Republicans.  It amazes me that in today’s access to anything you want via internet, there is so much confusion on what health care reform really is.

Death panels and the first step into becoming a socialist country.  Liberals stating we HAVE to have a public option of health care.  The fact is the only thing that is true at this point in time is bills are being written to reform our current privatized system.  Is there something wrong with that?  Nope there is nothing wrong with our appointed leaders looking to find a better way.  Lots of talk on what to provide to who and what things to change.  Ideas which in the end will provide reform.

I am pretty sure that every American deep down inside can understand this is an important topic and not doing anything is worse then trying to do something.  Old people screaming about a public option that are ON a public option.  Talk of Co-Ops and long wait times for care.  Illegal immigrants getting free care.  All of this plus trillions to the national deficit.  Lots of talk with no factual basis for any of this.

This week the President spoke with Michael Smerconish on his radio show and directly addressed this with a few listeners in a respectful way.  I think that the President answered the questions in a clear direct manner of what HE wants all of us to work with our elected officials to get this done.  I really hope the word is getting out that scare tactics from both the left and right are nothing more then that.

The tactics are trying to either keep people rich or conversely change a few major fundamental principals we Americans have.  I personally want health care reform and feel that any advanced country should have.  I also don’t think that on average 8-10 percent of my earnings should be paid into a private system that can drop my coverage at their whim.  Since this is something that I really don’t have a choice in I will make my stand here.

Please take a moment out of your day that you would set aside for TV sound bites and do some research on what your elected officials are planning to do.  Find out what you personally want for you and your loved ones today and tomorrow and decide for your self if health care reform is needed.  Look at your bank account and see how today’s system is effecting your bottom line, in fact go back a few years and add up that amount you pay and see what you could have spent it on.  We all need to see what we need to do and get up and speak the truth and how it effects us not what some radio talk show person thinks it should be.

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