Right vs. Left

Ever hear that expression the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing?  How bout your my right hand man?  Ever wonder if those same ideas come up in politics?  I do.  A lot.

I think its funny that I have quite a few friends that consider themselves Right leaning when it comes to politics. I also have quite a few friends that are left leaning as well.  What I don’t have many of is friends that are any thing but republicans or democrats.  I don’t consider myself either nor do I believe in the view of a true independent voter.  I am glad when people say they are a republican or democrat as regardless to being liberal or conservative I can identify you. 

The Independent voter is a republican or democrat just either afraid to admit it or likes likes on one side most of the time but likes what the other side has to say at any given time.  Thats wishy washy but thank god and the heavens our system of government allows for such things.  I could only imagine what would have happened to you during world war II in Poland if you said well the Jews are cool but I think I am going to go with the Nazi’s this time cause they talk a good game.  Of course it was a bit more complex then that but Freedom Fighters didn’t see it that way.  Nazi’s didn’t see it that way either but hey what ever right its ok to vote per annual tread I get that.

Almost every where else in the world the idea of political martyrdom is common place.  I am not saying that we as American’s need to reach that level but if the middle ground cared as much as the right or left it could come to that.  Of course we Americans have been there before many many times.  As recently as 50 years ago we were killing people for political ideas and vocalizing those opinions.  The fact is…the average American could care less unless it DIRECTLY affects them.  That means the IRS is at their door, someone wants to mess with their medicare, their unemployment runs out or some other life changing event pits them against one force or another.

Whats the point of this?  Good question!  The point is after years of listening to many many many people in my 36 years of life, I can honestly say I love America!  I can also honestly say I honor my country but those in my country men will never understand my political ideals.  Why you ask?  Its simple really, I believe that Americans fight every day to make this a more perfect union.  Many of them not sure what they fight for but fight anyway.  Most of them way to young to understand the complexities that make up our political system.  Many of them not understanding what it means to be a democrat or republican but take on those titles because of their parents.  Many of those people have lost their lives over the last 8 years and hundreds of thousands over the last 200+ years.  They like my fight and they like my over the course of their lifes will understand deeper what they fight for.  Oh yea back to the point sorry bout that.

What am I?  Right or left?  Democrat or Republican?  Bush or Obama, Palin or Clinton?  None of the above.  I believe that in due time that we will review the ideals of our fore fathers and understand the ideals of great words of Jefferson and Washington and Adams and Douglas (yea the black guy remember him) and Lincoln and all the other great theorists of this great experiment called Democracy and fall back in line.  I am for the ideals of state control with federal insight.  I am for the ideas that one part of our vast region can not sustain the whole of the rest of the parts of our Country.  I believe that the democratic process is broken and that we as Americans have forgotten that we don’t live in a 2 party country and that anyone with great ideas, ideals and fortitude can oversee this great land and all its individual parts.  Much like the Workers movements in America we stand together to get things done.  I believe that the Middle Class of America is the Working Class.  I believe that workers do and leaders lead and tween the two only meet to figure out what the worker wants.  I believe that the man or woman that works to live is the one that controls their dynasty.  I believe that small business is what man this land ours but I also feel that the sweat put into those small business’ has never been repaid.  Honest work for honest pay is a trademark of a great leader both giving and receiving.  To often in America hard work is not repaid to those that do the work only the ones that guide the work.

Quick side bar – I work for a company that allows me to both grow and rewards their employees for their actions to a point that I am honored to work where I do.  I also have stock in said company and have a vested interest in the well being of my employees, peers and management team.

To often I see the hard work go for not.  I see the sweat and tears of long hours return nothing more then a crap life and a drain on the emotional well being of those people.  Those are hard working people with special talents of some type.  I have seen their bosses drive 100k dollar cars while paying skilled workers well below their peers at other companies.  No vested interest in that company yet give 110% daily.  Some of my friends that do this is out of respect.  Some its to pay for food and others its to grow learns and understand so that they can become better business leaders in the future.

I guess I more then likely have clouded the subject more then cleared it up but I still fear lack of understanding for what I truly believe in.  I will just say I believe in America and always will regardless of which way the wind is blowing that day week or year.  Will quote the great Thomas Jefferson with this “There is a natural aristocracy among men. The grounds of this are virtue and talents.”

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