Rave Green on the Move

Over that last 24 hours and moving through the night into late tomorrow, the Rave Green of the Seattle Sounders Fan base will be moving east.  The Seattle Sounders are playing in the US Open Cup finals in Washington DC against DC United.  This has brought a sense among Sounders faithful to spend their hard earned cash on airfare and hotels to follow the boys in green east.

I will be among them with Amy and my buddy Alex watching the Sounders fight first hand from RFK stadium on Wednesday night (430pm PT on FSC).  I have not missed an Open Cup game this year the Sounders have played this year and I refuse to miss the biggest yet.  Its hard to fathom that they have made it this far in both league play and Open Cup play.  The battle for 120 minutes against MLS leaders Houston was something we who follow soccer live for.  Sending a team home with nothing more then sore legs and dashed dreams of hardware put a smile on my face!  It was that moment that we began working to find a way to be there to support our team.  Things worked out tickets booked and tomorrow mid day we are on our way.

The last 5 weeks have produced several rounds of back and forth between GM’s of both clubs followed by the FO of DC United mounting a full out blast of the greater DC area along with a website (www.wewintrophies.com) attempting to fill the rather large RFK stadium.   As of this post DC United reported 11k in ticket sales.  This of course has asked the question, could Seattle fill 32k seats at 1pm on a Tuesday?  The question will not be answered this year as our bid for the cup final was rejected in favor of DCU’s.  I am ok with that, DC is the current holder of the cup and in all fairness they should have some favor to host as a defending champ.  As questions go unanswered our major supporter groups have been having fun with it.  La Barra Brava have been digging the local boys of the Emerald City Supporters and its been sent back in full. 

I have been watching the pot and its boiling over with excitement.  People yelling about respect and honor and all the other crap Football Supporters put out there.  DCU has been in MLS since the beginning while the Sounders are the new kids on the block.  That is the story on the outside but so many have forgotten the Sounders Legend.  Seattle Sounders of recent have won 4 USL-1 championships as well as having the leading scorer in US Open Cup play last year.  That of course is recent past…..That does not count the Seattle Sounders of NASL hosting the greatest US team the NY Cosmos at the Kingdom.  That legend of course has produced the Pacific Northwest as the largest hotbed of Soccer in the US in both youth and adults.  Any given day you can find a game somewhere going on. 

As we walk into RFK on Wednesday I am Sounders…I am ECS.  I guess I should just mention that I grew up in the DC area and always cheered the red and black on but only in the MLS.  This time I am going home to see my team, with my family and I will be wearing green.   For those who think I am just some commerical fair weather fan that just caught this Sounders wave I did not.  I can tell you exactly where I was the day that we got our MLS nod.  I can tell you exactly where I was last year and I can tell you that when we reopened the wound that is our win in Portland this year, I was there wearing green…Rave Green. 

Keep an eye out for pictures from DC this week as Seattle fights to bring home the Lamer Hunt US Open Cup Hardware to Seattle where it belongs!

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