On the Plane

Finally up in the air and about half way through my flight to Atlanta. Once I get there I still have about an hour and a half drive to Auburn before I can lay my head down. Man you would think I would get some sleep on the plane but i can’t sleep unless I have more then one drink.

Cranking out some Thursday on the MP3 player and thats going well to help my headache. It seems that no naps and waking up at 415 in the morning is a killer. I guess I will Figure it out.  I have to be on site at 8ish so its gonna be a rough morning thats for sure.

The Town of Auburn, has no hotels open right now as they are housing the hurricane folks that got evac’ed. So I have to go to a new hotel which I have no real clue where it is. I have some directions so I should be ok but I am gonna be in the back woods of Alabama so anything could happen.

I really cant believe I have been up this long but I have. I would really like to know whats going on during the WSOP cause its getting close to the dinner break. Its kinda sad that here I am at 33000 feet and I am worried about whos winning a poker game.  Crazy.

Started reading Chuck Klostermen’s new book and its FUCKING HELLA GOOD I can’t believe this guy is only my age. Sex, Drugs, and Coco Puffs ROCKED. I also picked up his first one as well Fargo Rock City.

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