Where have I been?  Well I have been busy working, playing poker and gettting into some 360 games…

I started with Fight Night 3 a few weeks ago and that is a blast..I love the game and it looks awesome on the 360.  But with March being what it has been so far I didn’t have alot of time before Oblivion came out.

For those who don’t know Oblivion is a Role Playing Game (RPG) that is played via single player that is my time killer.  I picked it up last Tuesday and I have been playing since.  There is so much to do.  There is a complete free form misc quest model that allows you to just go and go.  There is also a main quest which I have started but put on hold while I get some levels in and work through the guilds.

I know super geeky but I don’t care.  Its what I do and yea so what.

I have been loving my 360 since I got it back on November 22, 2005.  It is by far the best system I have owned.

I was planning on getting the new FarCry tomorrow but I am to involved in Oblivion to start something new.  Which sucks are its gonna be a cool addition to the 360 line.  By the time I get enough hours logged in on Oblivion, the Godfather will be out for the 360 which will be purchased for sure!

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