No RSS Love from Poker Pros

I am a poker player. I am not a good poker player but I love the game. I have for a long time now and have been playing for a few years. So I do read alot about poker and go to alot of websites that the pros write for.

I am a huge fan of RSS. What makes people think that the poker people do not use it. I would love to have all my favorite pros thoughts in my reader everyday!

I know they keep up with the journals so it should not be to hard. I did notice that alot of the pros are using Full Tilt Poker to host for them. Get your asses in gear and catch up. You are a niche market right now. Keep the young interested by using technology to promote your profession.

Now that I have that out there I am happy to report that most of the big names have sites. This is awesome. I wish more professions would do such things as exposing the people who do the work. There is becoming this trend in business and I would really like to see more of it.

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