New Toys

Picked up a new toy today….I got a new Ipod…If anyone wants to relive the past they can drift way back to here to see when I got my last Ipod. Most people didn’t even know what an Ipod was! That was the day. People looking at me like I was crazy…Asking questions..

Hell now people just think your a sheep. Well I am an person that has never really worried about that stuff. I am though learning new things.

Its amazing how quickly I fell for the Mac. The Nano….

Now that I have started to Pick up JAVA and moved to a more web based prog idea life has been easier. Hell I don’t think I have opened my personal email client on any computer of MINE in over 2 months. Its been GMAIL or HOTMAIL. Crazy…….

The Idea of of a browser based OS is really starting to make sense. The idea of just internerd is perfect!

Hell I only need disk space. Lets Make it happen people!

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