New Things

So I have made a major change in my life today. I have removed my email account from PCBroke and had it forwarded to my gmail acocunt. Why? Well thats a good question. As much as I would love to run my own exchange server, I have no need for such a thing. I do how ever have a need for some serious spam filtering. Now my current webhost does not offer any type of spam filtering and this can get ugly on the blackberry. 70, 80 million spam messages a day. Now for some of you thats not so bad but for me it was killing me.

One thing I have found though is the ability to get my email forwarded to my gmail. This will allow me to use the filtering and spam stuff that gmail gives me. I can also use the gmail pop3 for outlook at home. So I am not losing anything but gaining everything.

I am also trying out some stuff with dotnetnuke…more on that later.

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