New House

New House

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Well with the events of this past few days, Amy and I have decided to move. We are moving to Sammamish from Seattle. It is a cute little house that was built in 1985 that has a HUGE yard (17k sq feet) and 2 bedrooms.

It has a huge deck for entertaining in the summer and plenty of room on the inside for our stuff. We will have a living room, kitchen, media room a big master bed room and bathroom with both a bathtub and shower. The nicest feature I think is that it has a wood fire stove for heat! It also is almost all hard wood floors. There are no stairs which I like as well not that I am afraid of stairs but for our dog it helps.

It has closets which is something we don’t have and there is a storage area in the laundry room and its own outside storage.

It nothing special but it is nice. It will be a nice place to live while we work on getting our stuff together to buy!

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