New Challange

I am taking on a new project…..

I am going to try my hand at writing.  This will be here on the blog.  I have been thinking alot about it for a long time and think its time to go forward with this idea.

What will I write about?  Well this is where things are a little sticky in my head.  I will be covering a wide array of subjects.  This will include Music, Poker and my travel/business thoughts.

Though it may not be interesting to all it should be a good chance for me to take forward the idea of writing.  I need practice for a book I want to write in the future.  Since I have no professional training in writing I will use the blog as a front to practice and hone a new skill.  I will be trying to correct my grammar and spelling.  Work on structure as well as content.

I am looking at one major post per week in the 200 – 400 word range with several updates during the week.  I think this major post will be on Sundays.  Who knows maybe it will be Saturdays?


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