My 30Gig

Time for a review…

So a few weeks ago I made the plunge and got me a 30 gig Black iPod.  I like it.  Its not as big as my 2nd gen 10 gig but it is still a little clunky. 

So why?  I have a 6 gig Zen and a 2 gig Nano.  Well neither was enough.  I have a pretty big music collection and I wanted to have more then less.  I love the nano alot for its size but compacity its just not enough.  My Zen is not mac friendly so that solved that.  I ended up fighting between the 30 and 80 gig iPods.  I settled on the 30 and I am happy for the moment.

It makes life easier at work which is were I use the iPod the most.  I can listen to pretty much what I want when I want. 

Speaking of that…..3 new CD’s today.  I will update on that later.

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