Music Review!

If you remember my post from April 24th I promised a review, and here it is:

CD 1 – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

I like this CD the most of the three I picked up.  Something about it was just plain good.  It had its EMO moments but for the most part it is a good rock’n CD.  Its not often that I just play the hell out of one band but I have been coming back to this CD as much as I have been Panic!.  All that being said be prepared for EMO.

CD 2 – Plain White T’s

This CD is a bit more on the odd side for me.  Not sure what I was expecting but it was not that.  The CD has tracks that sounds like Weezer and Jimmy Eat World.  I do like it but it is almost way to pop like for me.  I could for sure recommend it for those who like radio (top 40) music.  Its worth a listen and I think these guys could break out.  If they do I would like them to put out a super raw CD.  The Acustic stuff was my favorite part of this CD for sure.

CD 3 – Arcade Fire

I like this CD a bunch but I have not quite listened to it enough to give it a review yet.  Once I listen to is a few more times I will try to get something up here.

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