Motorcyle Day Dreaming

So its taken me most of the summer to get the balls to ride the bike…and now I am kicking myself.  Good thing is the rain is holding out so far and the September days have be great riding so far.  The bad thing is I wasted all of June and July because I am a sissy.

I kind of have a reason to be a sissy but not really.  The day I brought the bike home, I almost laid it down and that made me crap my pants.  I was just taking the bike out in the hood here and ended up putting 30 or so miles on it during that time.  Well that didnt help much but at least I was doing something.

Amy got a scooter and we started going out together which was cool.  Got me on the bike riding the streets and what not.  That was pretty much all it took.  I have not done much car driving since.  Its great now that I have a few hundred miles under my belt and I am starting to feel better about my riding and getting my riding style down.  I am also learning to control the bike in slow boring traffic situations which is an important skill here in Washington.  I am also getting use to ever changing rode conditions with one of the roads I ride everyday.  Construction changes the road every day to a new surface as well as path.  Its awesome though because I feel like I can adapt pretty quick to road conditions now.

On Monday I am going to plot out a route and head out to Mt. Rainier for a longer ride.  Thinking I am going to try a 150-200 mile day ride and see how it goes.  I think I can handle it as long as I pace myself.  Thinking about tossing the camera on my back and using it as an excuse to stop for “photo breaks”.  Load up the saddle bags with water and snacks and just RIDE.

Another life goal done!  Next will be a Sturgis trip….I hear there is one next year…maybe…or 2011!  I hear Daytona is pretty fun too!

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