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So last night as I mentioned I went to go see Jim Norton at Giggles in the U-District. This was by far the greatest comedy show I have seen in a long long time.

Jim was on fire.  You can tell that he has a pretty loyal following here which is pretty surprising to me.  Thats awesome because I hope that he lets every standup he works with to come to Seattle.  One thing this town needs is more funny!

The show was exactly what I expected and totally more.  I laughed my ass off but the one thing that rang true with me is Jim is down to earth and seemed pretty Humble.  He was not over the top attempting to make the  crowd laugh.  He was able to keep the show light though using comedy to bring home the current events of the last few months.

I think the best part of the show for me was not him being on stage but before he went up on stage.  He was just hanging out in the back of the room watching the openers.  I wanted to say hi and stuff but he seemed to be just chill’n so I left him alone.  Its not often you just see the guy you just paid to see enjoying the show just like you.

Jim I doubt you will ever read this but if by some chance you do….Come back to Seattle.

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