Microsofts Customer Care Sucks

I must start this post by saying my XBOX 360 is broken.

So back during the launch of the 360 and up to Febuary or so I heard alot of people having issues with their 360’s hardware.  I thought I might have been a lucky guy becuase my 360 was going strong.  COD2, DOA4, PDZ, PGR3, Burnout, Oblivion all ran with no issue.

I have a great setup for my XBOX with plenty of air circulation and I always shut off the machine when its not being played.  I also don’t let any kids in my house so its not beat up.  I have always been easy on the machine and had never had an issue with it…until this weekend.

I went and bought a new game this weekend and got all excited about it.  I get home with Dead Rising and expected to kill a few zombies and things are going good.  I shut the box down after about an hour and a half and left it alone.  I decided about 45 minutes later after doing some stuff to fire it back up and play some more and thats when my problems started.

I fire up the 360 and I get a loud screeching and the screen freezes.  Of course the first thing in my head was WTF.  So I shut it down wait a few minutes and fire it up again….3 rings of red fire….Internal Hardware Failure!

This is not a good sign.  I try to fire up again and the same thing.  Well I did get it back alittle by following the steps on the 360support site.  I can unplug everything a few times and it will get going enough to kill zombies but man…it sucks.

So after dealing with this for a few days, decide to call MS support and they said…”Its a hardware failure” and then the words I did not ever want any company that has a known reported and self admitting issue say.. .. “we can fix it for $129”.  I almost threw the phone.  Now I know this kid was just happy to work for MS.  He is just a phone answerer…I wanted to go through the roof with his “only 2% of 360’s have this issue” as I got all pissed though I didn’t take it out on him.  He knows as well as I do there is a reason that this is happening and its poor hardware.

Now I love my 360…I love it but man…if this is the way Microsoft is going to handle this kind of stuff…I am glad I am moving away from Microsoft all together.

I really want to go to work tomorrow and yell at some XBOX dude….I see about 400 each day so it will be hard to pick but any of them will do….

Guess I have to wait for my 360 box to come…so I can send it back to someplace in Texas…Boo MS Boo

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