Me and the Deer

Been a while since a wrote but since I had a somewhat life changing experience I figured I should write about it.

Tuesday started out just like any other work day. Me being a bit tired after a nice 3 day weekend but I was up and out of the house on time without incident. Amy had just started back at the school so she also was up and out early. opened the garage and pulled the bike out, it had just gotten out of the shop saturday with new oil and a full tune up and was in tip top shape. Start out the day with of course some kind person testing the limits of legal while making a free right while I had a green light left. No harm no foul and I continue on.

Sun is just cresting in the east and there is plenty of light out to see fine as I hit my first set of s turns and roll past 148th street. This of course leads into several other turns left and right. Well I am doing just under 40 (closer to 35 due to coming out of a light) and I make a nice sweeping left and what do I see? A nice sized doe standing on the double yellow, head facing towards my side of the road and looking right back at me.

This is one of those moments that as a motorcyclists we all think about but pray we never ever have to deal with. In my mind there is no options other then to straighten out and brake hard and fast, which is what I did. Well I ended up locking up my rear tire and started to skid. Trying to come out of that I released the rear brake which caught road and sent me high side over the right side of the bike. I was in the air for a short amount of time and landed on my right side. The wind knocked out of me, my life preservation skills kicked in and tried to figure out where I was and what to do. Thank god there was a jogger close by who called 911 and was able to talk to me.

My first thoughts were holy hell what the shit was that about. I realized there was not much I could have done while I was on my back and I needed to call work to tell my boss I was not gonna make it in. Before that happened I was able to get the jogger to call Amy who of course freaked out. I dont blame her and the jogger was able to tell her that 911 was on the way and that I was alive and talking. Once I heard the fire truck close by I honestly started to go into shock. I was able to answer their questions and what seemed to me joke with them but I was out of it. I remember them getting me on the back board and loading me up into the ambulance and the state trooper asking me a few questions while I was on the ground but it was not really until I was in the ambulance and we were moving that I really remember much. I remember kind of seeing my bike on my left side about 25 feet away (It was on the kick stand so I am sure it was moved there by the fire dept..) They were nice enough to listen to my request to pull my laptop bag out of the saddle bag as well and send it with me to the hospital.

The ambulance ride was a new thing for me being strapped down. I had been in them before but never as the dude going to the hospital. I was able to get in touch with everyone I had to and was able to post to twitter and facebook. For those that maybe concerned when you see a post like that, the good news from being there personally is that once your able to do so your more then likely past the rough stuff. Amy was able to get turned around and get my wallet (which my dumb ass forgot) and get to the scene for the cops and see the bike and clear up the loose ends before heading to valley med to meet me.

The ambulance crew got me there ok and where very nice and all was well except the whole hospital leaving me for what felt like FOREVER on the backboard, in the neck brace and no pain meds or doc. I don’t have official times but I am going with 1 million minutes passed before the nurse was able to come in and get me an IV push which helped ease the pain in my back. On came the XRays and CAT Scans and all was well. Not a broken bone or major injury! Thank god!

About another hour passed and I was able to get some more pain meds and head home. I had to ask the doc if he would give me some pain pills and he was like sure I guess…. That kind of pissed me off. I don’t really like to ask for pain killers to begin with but the same hospital group was willing to give me more pain killers when I broke my toe then when I got tossed off a motorcycle, seems a bit backwards to me but what ever.

I am glad to be alive. I have a renewed respect for motorcycle safety gear and helmets. I am also positive that had I had ABS on my bike I would not have had the same accident. I will say that the skills I have learned with my group riding as well as the constant reminding of safety within those groups lead me to access and deal with situation at hand.

Today I am alive and well and will live to ride another day. I know some people would be afraid to get back on 2 wheels but I am looking forward to it. Wind in my face and hand on the throttle! My next bike will have ABS though!

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