Mac Things That Piss me Off

So there are a few Mac things that piss me off.

1.  My Nano that I have setup for the Mac (which I want as my primary) does not play with with Windows computers.

2.  Its not so easy to get .wma files into iTunes on the Mac.

3.  My Blackberry does not want to play well with my Mac.

If I can get over those few things I think life would be grand on the computer front.

I did find out an old friend I grew up with is a Mac dude!  Apparently he works in the Mac world in the Bay Area.  I think thats great.  I think he kind of thought it was weird that I was into Macs with my whole M$ outlook of the past.

I do find my own like of the Mac coming for a simple need to get someone else a computer that they could use that would not break every 5 minutes.

Now if I can get my office to sport us some MacBookPro’s running some win/mac combo’s!

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