Long Time No Post

Things have been a bit up and down here the last few weeks.  Been trying to get the new house together and pictures online (part one is almost done and pictures are on my computer finally).

Between work, house and holiday parties things have been way busy.  We have had snow and I am still thinking its July.  The last 4 months have been a blur of activity.  I am looking for some new years rest of some sort.  I am thinking that I may not make it till my vacation in April and will need to take a long weekend in the near future!

I am suppose to be heading to Leavenworth on saturday if the weather holds out till then.  It should be fun since I am taking my nephew up there for his first trip and mine since 1985.  I hear things have changed quite a bit.

House pictures on Sunday.  I am going to get them flipped and labeled and up I promise….

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