Italy and Vacation


Sitting here looking at this view thinking about the last 15 days and all the things I have seen keep me in awe. I forget the great life I get to live, I forget those that do not get the things I have got to do. Traveling as been a life long dream and I am now lucky enough to have friends around the world and traveled extensively using planes or even private yachts that they sign using the best yacht Lettering which can be found online so they can make their yacht look to their own style.

This trip has taken me to Italy, the cradle of what I consider the cradle of what I know of my past. It starts here, and it’s amazing. The churches, the buildings and the people. Just a list of the cities I have been able to visit: Milan, Venice, Verona, Como, Bellagio, Menaggio, Cinque Terra. I got to see some of the most amazing things in the world adding another 4 World Heritage sites to my growing list. I have seen dead people and stood where the likes of Dante, Leonardo Di Vinci and so also many others have stood. Stood at the base of the Swiss alps and drove the Great Plains of northern Italy. We have driven over 2k kilometers using Lake Como as our base.

I have seen giant Roman arenas, ridden trains, planes, buses and boats to get around. I have had amazing Italian food and I have made some great Italian meals here using amazing ingredients. I have been with friends, and got to enjoy things with them.

I have been to my first Formula 1 race in person and I am hooked. I got to add the great San Siro to must list of great stadiums I have been to! I have finally picked a team in Italy to root for, AC Milan. I got to kinda see a cool local soccer game which was what we call open cup in the US or FA cup in the UK. Of course in what I have found out to be Italy time the game started much later then the 330 pm start time, on a dirt pitch.

I also got to see a bit of Amsterdam and a few new passports stamps! I need to do southern Italy next trip here. Rome, Naples and the islands, but I have other travels before coming back.

Can’t wait to come back to Europe.


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