iPhone First Impressions

“Everyone is getting one!”

Well I am not.  I am not standing in line.  I am not going ape shit.  I am not waiting for the apple site to come back up in 20 minutes.

Why?  Well lets cover all the reasons shall we!

1.  I love my Blackberry
2.  I will not give AT&T my money because they can’t give me the same level of service I can get from T-Mobile for the same amount of money.
3.  I have a 30gig and 2gig iPod
4.  I would rather spend the money on a 20″ loaded iMac and 2 Blackberry Pearls

Now all of that may not sound compelling but for me its true.  I would have been in line yesterday if it were not for number 2 of the list above.  I am a gadget geek.  I love gadgets.  I had the 10gig windows iPod it came out.  I was one of the first people to own a blackberry 7100 and 8700 from T-Mobile.  I camped out for 18 hours to get an XBOX 360 on launch day and stuck with it when it died.  Gadgets are good and the iPhone is as good as it gets at this moment.

It makes me sad that I won’t get one.  My lust for the gadget has made me rethink my gadget outlook.  Instead of an iPhone, I will be getting a Blackberry pearl before the end of summer unless there is some ground breaking Blackberry info between now and then.

What makes this even harder is I really need to downsize my phone.  The iPhone is not much smaller then my 8700 but it has WAY WAY more stuff.  The pearl is pocket size and much easier to carry around.  I think it will be a better move for the time being.

If by chance Steve Jobs does read this….Steve I really wish you would have created a choice in mobile carriers.  That would have sealed the deal for me.

This link shows the break down of some of the major carriers out there…I have the T-Mobile plan.  For what I would get for $59 a month I would lose so much leaving T-Mobile. 

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