iPhone and AT&T

So last night around 1030pm I made piece with the fact I will not be owning an iPhone.  That still hasn’t stopped me from keeping up on the iPhone info since last night.

Notes from the last 12 hours:

AT&T customer service sucks and there are many issues with activation

MacWorld editors have having a ton of issues with AT&T

1 dead iPhone replaced at Apple store though it was purchased at an AT&T store

iPhone worked flawlessly to get a blogger home after car broke down

Most like the iPod features but those who are not fans of earbuds are struggling with the special earphone jack

Hackers currently working to exploit the iPhone browser.

iPhones are available today without wait in all Apple stores without wait today

and my Favorite for today!  Blackberry stock up $34 a share!

I thought about putting links in for all this stuff but you can hit the following sites to see all the updated coverage.  And for those of you that are still not using an RSS reader…get a clue…it makes life a lot easier.

Now if I can just find a picture of a hot girl naked with her iPhone covering her girlie bits…

Sites for iPhone coverage (just a small sample but covers the above notes):

iPhone Central
The Boy Genius report


Full Round up of all blogs and iPhone news go to digg They have plenty of other blog iPhone Goodness

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